Singer Heavy Duty Videos and Tutorials

Below are all of my videos on the Singer Heavy Duty series machines.

I’ve often been asked if I recommend this machine. In short I will say Yes, I do recommend it for beginners or as a 2nd machine for those who own an expensive computerized machine. I suggest you buy it from a source that has a great 30 day return policy. Due to the low cost of this machine I figure one of the first things that goes is quality control. This means you may end up with a lemon. Walmart has a great extended warranty (which I’ve used and been very happy with) for generally around $60 for 3 full years.

Another question is what is the difference between all of the machines. Internally, they are all the same. The major difference it the number of stitches they offer and the value added packages that are offered.

Question: Is my Singer Heavy Duty Machine Broken?
Answer: I’ve helped many users who have thought their machine was broken. Upon helping them it is often simply a matter of cleaning the bobbin area of the machine. See my video on how to clean and oil the machine if you are experiencing andy thumping or clicking noise or if you machine is sewing with loose thread loops.

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