Flannel Pants Sew Along

Winter is here and for me that means the comfort of wearing flannel pants during the evenings and sometimes all day Sunday. Therefore, it is time for me to sew myself a new pair of pants.

Because I carry my cell phone with me everywhere I go I need a good pair of pockets to carry it. They need to be deep enough to allow me to sit down without the phone tumbling out of my pocket onto the floor. Since I upgraded to a larger phone this year that has been a problem for me.

They should have an elastic waistband for comfort. I find knit elastic is the best for this. It stretches without shrinking and has great recovery.

I also like having a pull string to tighten up the band if needed.

With all that in mind here is my 2 hour sew along video:

Supplies List


Product Links

1″ Knit Elastic Link
1.25 Elastic with Drawcord Link
 Download the Pocket Template Link

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