Bedroom Pinched Pleat Drapes

We needed some draperies for our master bedroom. After a couple of testing we decided to go with double pinched pleated drapes. Two pleats instead of 3 gave us a bit less of a formal appearance we desired.

Lining being pressed.The long rod is made of a 10 foot electric rod you can find at Lowes. I gave it and antic bronze look by putting a brown base color. After allowing it to dry I used a wide sweeping motion to give it some slight black. The results came out perfectly. It gave me the 10 foot I required without a joining you find when you buy retail drapery rods. This was important due to the center support rod and allowing for a smooth surface to slide the rigs along the pole when opening and closing. It also allow enough overhang to open the curtains beyond the edge of the window when opening theĀ  plantation shutters.Due to the number of pleats I wanted to give a fuller look each panel it made of 3 widths of the fabric. The repeat was a bit closer than I originally wanted, but in the end it worked out well.Below is an image I captured just after pressing the lining. As you can see it takes a lot of space to make large draperies.

Lining being pressed.

It is a good thing I have a large basement.