New Pattern Release! #1001 Skirt Pattern

I’ve decided to release a pattern I’ve used internally for making skirts for my clients. This pattern is quick and fairly simple to assemble. It can be completed in 30 minutes by an experienced sewer; it might take a hour for a newer sewer. However, after you’ve sewn a couple you will go from cutting out the pattern to wearing it in less than an hour.

The #1001 Skirt Pattern includes an 1 inch fold over elastic waistband for comfort. A lengthen and shorten line for the great variation of heights. It is design to wear slightly above the knee due to the lack of a kick pleat.

With lighter fabrics I suggest adding enough length to do a double 2 inch hem. This will make the skirt hang better.

Here is a show and tell video where I show 4 version of the skirt I’ve produced for a client using this pattern:

Size Hip Waist Length
8 32.0 42.0 22.5
10 32.25 43.0 23.0
12 33.50 44.25 23.5
14 34.75 45.50 23.60
16 35.50 46.50 23.75
18 37.0 47.5 24.0

Included with the pattern is a link to a complete sew-along video. This video will guide you step-by-step through the process of printing out the pdf pattern; cutting and assembling the pages; then the step by step sewing procedures to complete your skirt.

To purchase a copy of the pattern visit the Pattern Store. You pattern will be available to download instantly after you’ve made the purchase.

If you have any questions you can contact me by clicking here.

Using a Stretch Needle in a Serger

When sewing swimsuit fabric on a standard sewing machine we are told to use a stretch needle. When it comes time to serge the same material we a left with standard serger needles, which are not stretch needles. Ballpoint serger needles can be hard to come by too. I find most don’t even know they exsists for their serger. In the video below I show you how to test if your serger or coverstitch machine can use standard stretch sewing machine needles.